Our mission

To provide the very best in skincare to the deserving woman and man of all walk of life. We strive to grow our business using ethical and sustainable ingredients to deliver luxurious and unapologetical products.

Yomoi Cream Face Woman 01 150 PPI

Our roots

In the small rural villages of Cameroon women live off the land by growing food while taking care of their families. In Ghana they gather in cooperatives to collect, process and sell shea nuts to provide for their families.

Yomoï aims at bringing the fruit of these women’s production to a wider public. By working with the women cooperatives, we seek to honour these cornerstones of African heritage and give them what they deserve: a decent price for their work and prospects for the future. We want to support and encourage their grind and allow them to continue to provide for themselves and for the future of their children.

Our teams carefully select only the best natural ingredients. With their knowhow we are able to deliver first-class products.

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