Moisturizing in summer is good for you

Your skin is your most voluminous organ. It requires a lot of attention to remain young, healthy, and glowing, also in summer. People often seem to think that they can skip moisturizing in summer because their skin feels oily when the weather is hot. The opposite is true.

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Sweating – which is actually water loss – can cause our skin to dehydrate. As a reaction the skin will produce an oily liquid called sebum to protect itself. That may seem good at first glance, but it is in fact a sign that our skin is thirsty. Additionally, other typicalities of summer like sweat, clogged pores and high humidity can lead to bacterial infections. Luckily, you can avoid all that by keeping your skin and body hydrated at all times. Apply a high-quality moisturizer as part of your all-season skincare routine and keep your skin saturated and vital.

Moisturizing in summer…

- seals lost moisture and fights dryness

Harsh summer sunrays dry out our skin by taking away its natural oils. By applying a moisturizer you prevent that from happening. Additionally, your moisturizer can also serve as a sunscreen if it contains SPF.

Yomoï moisturizers contain shea butter, which already contains a small percentage of natural SPF. Still, we recommend you to include a broad-spectrum sunscreen with factor 50 as part of your daily skincare routine. You can never be well-protected enough.

- keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay

In addition to permanently damaging your skin, the harsh sun can cause early signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. And that’s obviously to avoid as long as possible. Save your skin from harm, keep those wrinkles at bay and moisturize!

- protects your skin from chlorine

Can’t resist the temptation of taking a pool dip now and then to keep cool? Neither can we. Be aware though that regular exposure to chlorine water is really harmful to your skin! Moisturizing will help you fight skin dryness after swimming and it will give your skin the gentle treatment it needs in the long run.

Enough reasons to go for top-quality skin protection? Visit our website and check out our range of wonderful and highly recommended moisturizing products. Happy Summer!